Call Of Bieber

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Call Of Bieber is a funny online game that features our favorite pop star Justin Bieber. In this game you can take cover behind objects but beaware that some of these objects can break making you vulnerable to danger. As you play the game, you can gain points, which in turns allows you to make upgrades and purchases.
If you find yourself going crazy everytime you hear a Bieber song, today will be your lucky day. Let out your stress and anger, release your frustration and dissapointment by seeing Justin Bieber going solo against the police in this CSI inspired game. In this game you control the pop sensation through his venture against cops. Online gaming has hit a new level with its creative and artistic levels with the release of this hot Justin Bieber game. This first person shooting game is quite simple to play, all you do is shoot and reload and of course dodge the disaster coming your way. Go ahead and have some fun with this popular Justin Bieber game.

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